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About Moi

Let's be honest, I've always been precocious and especially so when I was a young girl. Every time my Ma and I were cooking I begged her to change up our weekly marinara with different spices, flavor enhance french toast with extracts like anise and almond, and marinate our chicken breasts before the breading for a Parmesan dish. Although I know Ma secretly enjoyed seeing my interest in food exploration she held steadfast to learning of our traditional ways first always proclaiming with a kitchen utensil in one hand and the other sturdily anchored on her hip, "When you're the boss of the tomato sauce, you can make your own decisions."

After my formative years growing up and cooking for a family of four I finally started bossing my own tomato sauces around the kitchen in my mid-twenties. In 2008 Laptops and Stovetops began as a hobby inspired by an early love of cooking and baking combined with the awesome unknown factor of free time post Graduate school. 'Stovetops' is indicative of my early years of culinary tutelage practicing our family's Italian-American dishes when I stood eye-level to my mother's hip and our gas range stove top. 'Laptops' signifies my scholarly studies of interactive media and how it serendipitously lead to my process of learning to cook haute, new dishes from the food blog community at large expanding my culinary vocabulary and arsenal by connecting me to the latest and greatest in home cooking couture cuisines from all over the county. The more I cooked and the more I connected to other like-minded food enthusiasts online, the more brightly my fire burned to increase my knowledge and skills in all things food. I wanted to know about other cuisines and cultures, my cuisine and culture, histories and current fashions, ingredients and flavors, techniques, methods, and movements.

Now in 2010, Laptops and Stovetops has a new fabulous home (this website, do you love it?) for what promises to be a fabulous new year in haute home cooking cuisine. Two years working out over the laptop and stove top has flexed a new muscle in home cooking what is termed here as the new home cooking cuisine movement. Sounds haute, right? Basically the fresh, new face of home cooking is driven by the new home cooks with the desire to eat better foods, eat more flavorful foods, meet more flavorful people, and enjoy a wide-range of what our global cuisine can offer us every day at our own kitchen tables. The new home cook is not just a mother or a father. The new home cook is a college student sick of Ramen, a Grandfather re-invigorated by his retirement hobby of home cooking, a busy professional who'd rather spend off time sharing meals,  the adventurous traveler out to explore new foods and faces, and many, many more. The new home cooking couture cuisine cooks are as diverse as the sky is high always making for the newest and most exciting innovations and creations for the average to above-average cooks to try. Here at L&S I practice what I preach. To the best of my ability I publish my hautest home cooking and baking recipes mostly based in Italian-American and Southern home style cuisines combined with new flavors and techniques making my fusion particularly couture, promote and connect to and with other cooks and food bloggers doing the same as well as organizations and products also encouraging more creative home cooking and the eating better foods across the board.

Dollyfishes, the sauce is on the stove and I don't want it to burn so let's get cooking! Got more questions? Want to know more about L&S or The New Home Cook? Visit the Contact Page and we''ll chat.  Rachel 'Tha Pizza Cutta' Joyce OUT!


Sasha Fierce? No, Tha Pizza Cutta is my alter ego.